Camping Lanterns- Traditional Touch to Camping

Camping Lanterns- Traditional Touch to Camping

If you are deciding a time out from your busy schedule, going camping is the cheapest option which would not only recharge you, but also give you a closer view of nature, away from the materialist world. A campfire gives a traditional touch to camping apart from adding to the fun and enjoyment and so does the camping lanterns.

While camping out lighting is a very fundamental point to be considered, campfire alone cannot be enough for the purpose. Camping lanterns are easily available alternative fro illumination. You can choose one from small to big ones as per your needs and requirements.

Variety of Camping Lanterns

There are a variety of camping lanterns in the shops depending upon the fuel or electricity they intake for lighting. Some of them are:

•  Glass Camping Lanterns – Utilizes fuel to make light. It provides more light due to transparency. But one of their disadvantages is that the glass globe around the flame is easily breakable.

•  Metal Mesh Camping Lanterns – These are also fuel based lanterns. The metal mesh lamps emit less light in comparison to glass camping lanterns. Its metal framework prevents easy damage or breaking.

•  Electric Camping Lanterns – These require electricity to light up. Light bulbs are fixed in the electricity based camping lanterns.

•  Candle Camping Lanterns – The candle camping lamps are very light weight in nature and release fairly desirable amount of glow. Protective covering prevents open flames and the blowing away of the candles by wind.

Some Instructions and Warnings The camping lanterns especially the fuel based camping lanterns are suggested to use only outdoors. Indoor use may lead to fire accidents or injuries. They should be placed appropriately to avoid unwanted fires and burning damages.

The camping lanterns can be used for roasting purposes as well like the most usual camping treat of marshmallows. Electricity camping lanterns have some advantages over other fuel based and candle camping lanterns. Easily replaceable batteries and rechargeable energy ensure use and reuse. The usage of the camping lanterns finalize the correct option present fro you.

The camping lanterns, candle lanterns and decorative lamps all serve the same purpose of illumination, but each one having their own merits to assure reliable and unfailing service. You can compare with the details provided on

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