Camping Setup Tips

Camping Setup Tips

After you arrive at your camping location, you need to find a good campsite. In general people want a good combination of features. As for me, I love camping where I can be out of other campers’ earshot. Others do not like dragging their gear miles into the forest. Below are some tips for camping setup that you can use to establish your campsite.

The first thing you’re going to want to look for is flat and high ground relative to your surroundings. Camping on an incline is obviously bad for many reasons. Running water, object rolling, and just all around uncomfortable. As for the higher ground you want to avoid water pooling. So on high flat ground should have water running generally away from you.


If you’re doing some back country camping is important to camp near a freshwater source. If you are near a freshwater source you won’t have to go far to refill your water, bathe, or fish. If you’re camping on a more established campground being near a freshwater source is usually not as important. But even when on a campground I find the sound of a running stream to be quite relaxing.


Be sure to set up your campfire an adequate space away from your tents. For setting up the fire ring make sure to clear all debris, brush, and twigs that can catch fire outside of the ring.


Setup a separate area for washing. Be sure to bring a biodegradable soap as other soaps may be harmful to plants or wildlife. Don’t use hot water either. This can also kill off plants. Once you finish with the wash water dispose of it either in a designated area or away from any freshwater source.


Make sure you have trash bags readily available for all members of your camp to use. Be sure they understand the importance of throwing any and all trash away.


When picking out a campsite be sure you have access to shade. Whether you want to set your tent up in the shade or the sun is your preference. But it is nice when the sun comes out and the temperature starts to climb to access to shade.


Your choice of campsites can make a big difference on how enjoyable your trip is. So spend a little time and be sure to pick out the good campsite. I think these camping setup tips will help ensure you pick a good one. Have fun and enjoy the outdoors!


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