Outdoor Camping Equipment

Outdoor Camping Equipment

Do you love to be with nature and gaze at the stars in the middle of the night? Do you love nature and would not mind being in the midst of nature for a few days. Then camping is the right choice for you to spend time with the environment. Outdoor camping equipment is a must for enjoying your outdoor camp. People are in two minds of what equipment to take and what not to take. You will enjoy your outdoor camp if you have the right equipment. You can enjoy your camp and have some fun time away from home all by yourself.

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The tent is the most important outdoor camping equipment which has to be selected with utmost care. A wrong choice can spoil your entire camping trip. The tent should be water proof, in case of an unexpected rain and while purchasing the tent make sure that it is a wee bit bigger than what you need so you do not have to worry if your friend suddenly joins you.


Make a list of all the outdoor camping equipment that you need and you can’t afford to miss. Jot it down on paper so that you do not forget anything when you start out on your camp. A coffee maker is a must if you cannot do without your daily cup of coffee. A frying pan or a coking vessel is a must and do not forget the outdoor toilet or you will be in a complete mess.

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 A stove is a necessity because it can serve many purposes. A torch is a must have especially in the dark. You must also carry a sleeping bed to keep you cozy in the night. Sports shoes are essential. If you have a big vehicle then you can take whatever you please, but if you do not have a vehicle then you have to decide on how you will carry all this stuff.

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Finding the right outdoor camping equipment may be a bit tedious, but you can go online and find the equipment that you need through any of the search engines. There are a lot of companies which offer great products at very good prices. You can take a look at all the outdoor camping equipment before you make a choice.

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The outdoor camping material should be durable, and it should be of great use to you. Dry bags, water filters and a first aid box should be included in your list of essential items. You should keep in mind that the outdoor camping equipment should be good for the purpose that it should be designed. If you fail to make the right choice you may  end up your camping trip on a sour note.

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Camping Equipment: Camp In Style

Camping Equipment: Camp In Style
The British country side is green and pleasant. In fact it is irresistible to the urbanites who come out in droves during summers to camp out. Camping tents and sleeping bags are synonymous with camping. You cant imagine either without the other. Pegging a tent, sitting around a campfire exchanging stories and roasting marshmallows, crawling into warm sleeping bags after a tiring day: sounds perfect to a hardcore camper!

The entire camping experience would seem incomplete if it were not for a caravan, a camping tent and a at least a sleeping bag. Wheres the fun in camping if you dont have a complete set of camping equipment? In fact, veteran campers would vouch that the fun and excitement begins right at home, while shopping for all the camping equipment, packing all of it, double-checking the list and seeing your caravan packed and ready to go.

For those who are just beginner campers and for the regular campers as well, we have a one stop destination that covers all your needs. We cover a complete range of products and are stocked with the best camping equipment from UKs leading camping manufacturers. So it does not matter if you plan on a family camping trip or backpacking all by yourself, we have tailor made solutions for you.

Our range of camping tents and sleeping bags is sourced from the biggest and most reliable suppliers in the UK, making us one of the largest camping suppliers in East Sussex. We guarantee the best design, material, price and service, and we pride ourselves on offering you top quality. Not only do we have 2-3 berth tents to large family tents, we also keep toilet utility tents, tent windbreaks and accessories like replacement tent poles, tent pegs and mallets.

Similarly our sleeping bags come in different designs, shapes and colours. We have sleeping bags for women, lightweight sleeping bags and even double sleeping bags to accommodate two people. We also stock related accessories like sleeping bag liners, pillows and stuff sacs. After a tiring day of hiking and camping, our sleeping bags will provide you the comfort of a luxurious queen sized bed.

So if the moors and valleys are calling out to the nature lover in you and you wish to drown in the greenery and beauty that the countryside has to offer, go camping! Visit us at http://www.johnscross.co.uk for all your camping needs.

Johns Cross is the well known author who writes for Capming Tent, Sleeping Bags and camping equipment uk. For more information please visit JohnsCross.

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Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Camping is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a chance to get back to nature and enjoy some quality time with family and friends, but whether you’re simply after a night on a campsite or are feeling like something slightly more adventurous, you’ll need the camping equipment to suit.

What camping equipment will I need?

The type of camping equipment that you’re after will often depend on how seriously you’re taking your trip, but there are a few things that will be essential for everyone. The tent will obviously be a good place to start. You’ll need to decide on whether you’re after a simple one or two-man tent or whether you want something that can fit the whole family, and with plenty of different options on offer (you can even find ones with different “rooms” where you can stand full-height) there’s bound to be something to suit your precise needs.

Then you’ll need to think about the sleeping, eating and heating arrangements. Sleeping bags are essential, but you might like to consider camp beds for a little more comfort. Then you’ve got the option of different types of camping heaters and gas cookers, again coming in all different sizes to suit your precise needs. It’s often a nice idea to have proper camping pots, pans and cutlery too, really letting you make the most of your time.

Then you’ll need to start thinking about the little added extras that could be required such as torches, compasses, wind breakers, walking sticks… the list is endless, and the amount of camping equipment you’ll need will often depend on whether you’re simply going away for the weekend or are going on a proper trek into the wilderness. But, whatever camping equipment you’re looking for you’re going to want it at exceptional prices, and that’s why you need to come to us here at Kellykettle.com.

Kellykettle.com has a great range of camping products and accessories available; visit our site today for more information on Camping Equipment and Camping Gear


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